Product Certification

The Product Certification Directorate is responsible for ensuring that locally manufactured products in Nigeria give the required degree of satisfaction to consumers through compliance with Government policies on standardisation and conformity assessment. The purpose is to promote global competitiveness among domestic manufacturers and encourage continual improvement on the quality of products in line with the statutory obligation of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria.
The Directorate was created as an offshoot from the former Quality Assurance Directorate in July 2011. It consists of three Units and Six Sections covering Food Technology, Chemical Technology, Textile/Leather Technology, Civil/Building Engineering, Electrical/Electronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.
The General objective is to promote industrial/economic development by ensuring that Made-in-Nigeria products meet the requirements of the relevant Nigeria Industrial Standards with continual improvement on the quality of the products while collaborating effectively with all relevant stakeholders to build strong relationship for mutual benefits.
Product Certification, in general terms, is the process of certifying that a product conforms with the requirements stipulated in the relevant specifications or standards. In Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Product Certification is carried out through conformity assessment which is an activity concerned with determining directly or indirectly that a process, product or service fulfils relevant requirements. Conformity assessments in SON involve factory inspections, testing, certification, auditing and surveillance, among others. The Product Certification Directorate carries out the following activities:
  • Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP);
  • NIS Product Certification/Revalidation Quality Awards;
  • Product-Type Certification for Exports;
  • Collaboration
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