The Testing Services Department was one of the departments established in the early seventies when the Organisation was established by Act No. 56 of 1971 as amended. The department was then known as Laboratory Services but was recently changed to Testing Services in order to meet the reviewed mission and vision of the Organisation. The department provides quality laboratory services to meet the needs and expectations of both internal and external customers. The test carried out are mainly third-party conformity assessment of products using the relevant Nigerian Industrial Standards or any other relevant international standards. Product samples for tests are received from a variety of sources some of which are Imported Product, through the Ports and Borders, Market Survey activity by SON staff, consumer complaints and enforcement activities by SON staff just to mention a few.

The Organisation has laboratories situated at different location in the country viz:

i. Food and Chemistry Laboratory, Lagos

The Laboratory performs a variety of Physical, Chemical (composition) and Microbiological tests on foods and chemical products with the aid of modern and sophisticated Laboratory Equipment. Product samples tested include but not limited to Baby Food, Packaged Food, Bottled Water, Beverages, Bear, Tyres, Paint, Plastic products, among others.

ii Vitamin A Fortification Laboratory, Lagos

The Laboratory test for Vitamin A in Food Products such as Wheat flour, Semolina, Maize flour, Maize grit, Sugar, Vegetable oil, Margarine, Brabusco, Premixes and Iodized salt – to ensure compliance to Federal Government Food Fortification Policy.

iii Electrical/Electronic Laboratory, Lagos

The Laboratory performs compliance and safety checks on Electrical/Electronic Equipment/Devices such as Generators, House-holds and Office Electrical Appliances, among others.

iv. Engineering Laboratory, Enugu

The Laboratory carries out Engineering Tests in the following areas:

Mechanical Engineering: Comprehensive physical and chemical analysis of Steel reinforcement bars and other Metallic Products, etc.

Civil Engineering: Comprehensive physical and chemical analysis of Cement and Cement Products; wood and wood products, Masonry Units, Sandcrete Blocks among others.

v. Textile/Leather Laboratory, Kaduna.

The Laboratory carries out analysis on wide range of Textile and Leather Products such as:

Textile: Colour fastness. Span length, fiber maturity, ash content, tensile strength of fiber, texture, crump, regularity density, elongation at break point, light fastness, tearing strength among others

Leather: Analysis carried out on leather and leather Products include among other; flex resistance, tensile strength, shrinkage, water absorbency, water permeability, and other physical and chemical tests associated with leather products.



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